Dymag CA5

If you’re thinking of upgrading your wheels to Carbon Fibre, Dymag's super lightweight, and ultra-strong one piece carbon CA5 wheels will transform your bike’s handling and performance.

Dymag has launched six new bespoke coloured hub options for riders who want superlative wheels coupled with a personalised statement. In six new stunning colours, the wheels come with coloured anodised hubs, sprocket carriers and sprockets to compliment the already stunning looks of the CA5 carbon fibre wheel.

Dymag CA5 Carbon Fibre wheels are handmade at thier factory in Chippenham, England by skilled and dedicated laminators and machinists to bring you the ultimate ultra-light weight motorcycle wheels. These wheels, by massively reducing the unsprung weight of your Track or Road bike, will simply revolutionise the way your bike accelerates, turns and brakes, not to mention the massive change you will notice in the much easier, lighter handling of your bike once Dymag CA5 wheels are fitted.

Don’t be fooled that because Dymag CA5 Carbon wheels are exceptionally light that they are fragile! Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks toDYMAG's experience and knowledge of working with composite materials, these wheels are incredibly strong impact resistant, and durable. The Dymag CA5 wheels are tested to JWL, DOT and BS AU 50 standards and certified for race and road use

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