Bitubo ECH 29 Fork Cartridge Kit - Essential Suspension Upgrade




The superb Bitubo ECH 29 cartridge kits make an unimaginable improvement to your motorcycle's handling whether on the road or on the track.  Precision engineered to provide ultimate control and feel.  Widely used in the international arean - including World Superbikes, British Superbikes and all other national championships, Bitubo can be seen running at the front of the pack.

Easily adjustable, without tools, offering 24 clicks of both rebound and compression adjustment, a fast or comfortable setting can be rapidly achieved.  With 6mm (6 turns) of preload available, sag can be accurately setup to match the rider's style or conditions.

EC Easy Changer: this is a quick change system: fast replacement of the spring, already available in the previous, succesful YCE cartridge version, with a free key and a new exclusive cartridge dismantling system, which does not require the fork removal. This system makes the set-up bike modification easier by racing technicians and mechanics. 
LC Light Components: this product is manufactured with a high percentage of special light alloys, thus decreasing the weight of the previous YCE considerably.
FPS®, Full Pressure System represents the highest efficiency and practicality of this patented system. This innovative damping system is created for immediate fork oscillation control, thus avoiding any cavitations of the internal fluid. This system is low pressure gas pressurized. The cartridges are asymmetric: where one controls the compression, the other one controls the rebound. With two alternate chambers at the two ends, it is possible to reach a very high damping coefficient even at very low speed. 


Supplied complete with fork oil, all necessary tools for installation and spring replacement.

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