Brembo 19RCS - Essential Upgrade - 110A26310




The Brembo 19RCS, since its introduction in 2008, has proven itself to be the first choice when considering upgrading your OEM front brake system. Stylish, innovative and beautifully manufactured, this essential upgrade will not only significantly improve braking performance, but it looks fantastic too!!

The innovation comes from the design of the switchable, master cylinder pivot point (RCS - Ratio Click system) which enables this gorgeous radial brake master cylinder to adopt either a 19x20 or 19x18 ratio - instantly adjusting both the power and feel offered by this superb aftermarket upgrade.  Basically, '19' is the diameter of the piston inside the master cylinder and '18' & '20' is the  distance in millimeters that the brake lever pivot point is positioned in relation to the operating piston.  Hitherto, this was only achievable by replacing the complete master cylinder.

The Brembo 19RCS is designed for twin-disc systems with, as a rule of thumb, 19x20 position being selected for OEM calipers and 19x18 for Brembo calipers. It isn't all about power, the most important aspect of any brake system is the feel and feedback provided to the rider. We therefore recommend trying the 19RCS in the 19x18 position initially before progressing to the 19x20 position should more power be required.

Three other desirable, standard features are the span adjuster so the lever can be positioned perfectly to match the rider's comfort and feel, folding lever as standard to protect the main body of the master cylinder and its own, dedicated bleed nipple to assist and speed up the process of brake system bleeding.

Accessories available from us include a dedicated 19RCS brake fluid reservoir kit, a remote brake lever span adjuster (allows adjustment from the clutch side to enable the rider to stay on the gas!!), a genuine Brembo matching RCS-style clutch lever,and our wonderful range of German-engineered Stahlbus bleed nipples which make brake bleeding a simple, reliable and one man operation with the benefit of preventing wear to the master cylinder threads for those who replace their brake fluid on a regular basis e.g. race and trackday riders.

Delivered ready to fit and complete with a detachable brake light microswitch and single brakeline banjo bolt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Brembo master cylinders are manufactured with a 10x1.0mm thread for the brakeline fitting, please use the banjo bolt supplied as standard or other aftermarket banjo bolt with the same thread diameter and pitch. As HEL Performance manufacturers, we can also supply Stainless Steel banjo bolts to the correct dimensions. Why not treat yourself to a new set of custom HEL Performance Stainless Steel brake lines to go along with your new Brembo 19 RCS? 

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