Dymag CA5 Carbon Wheel Set - Yamaha




Dymag CA5 carbon fibre wheels represent the ultimate in composite material construction. Super light, incredibly strong and beautifully finished these wheels will provide a whole new dimension to your riding and racing.  With massive reduction in centrifugal force, due to the mass being centralised in the hub, turn-in forces are significantly reduced producing quicker laptimes and easier lines. The ultra-lightweight (up to 40% weight saving on OEM wheels), acceleration, braking and handling are all improved.

Suitable for road and track.

Compete and ready to fit including disc carriers, captive spacers and rear sprocket. Just swap over your discs and you're good to go!!  (Rear wheel pictured without included sprocket for clarity).

For limited period only!!  Free colour anodising to the hub - normally £140!!


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