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  • Aprilia HM Quickshifter Plus

    Aprilia HM Quickshifter Plus

    HM Plus quickshifter, the most popular and successful quickshifter in the world. Fully adjustable for sensitivity and kill time to give a perfect shift every time. No moving parts = ultra-reliability.
  • Aprilia HM Quickshifter Super Lite

    Aprilia HM Quickshifter Super Lite

    HM Super Lite quickshifter. Easy to fit and setup. 3 sensitivity settings. Aimed at the fast road rider and occasional trackday use.
  • Aprilia RSV4 Quickshifter Lever

    Aprilia RSV4 Quickshifter Lever

    Totally innovative, the HM Quickshifter lever replaces your stock gearchange lever with a built-in quickshifter!!  Available as either HM Plus or HM Plus SS.