Capit Suprema Vision Tyre Warmer Set

Product code: S2V020401001F
Capit SupremaVision tyre warmer set. 8 x MotoGP world championships speaks for itself!! Patented TNT, fully adjustable, temperature control system provides optimum tyre temperature across the whole tyre surface - no cold or hot spots like the competitors!

Product information

Capit Suprema Vision Tyre Warmer Set (front and rear).  Capit are a world-leading, Italian brand that produces some of the finest tyre warmers on the market.  Used by top MotoGP teams (inc VR46!!).  The Capit Suprema Visions have won 8 MotoGP world championships!!  One could therefore say these are the best motorcycle tyre warmers on the market!!:

The Suprema Visions sport a self-regulating patented system (TNT), with an exclusive aluminium heat transfer diffuser, that maintains an accurate, and constant temperature  across the whole of your tyre - giving you that extra bit of confidence when hitting that first corner - unlike most other brands which have hot and cold spots all around the tyre wall:

Equipped with a 2-button control panel, incorporating an easy to read LCD display, it is extremely easy to set the required temperature (T set) and see the current, actual temperature (T run).  The display also shows the time that the warmers have been operative - no more baked tyres!!
3-year manufacturer's guarantee.   Supplied with EU plug fitted - we recommend these as opposed to the 3-pin UK plug as, in our experience, generator power surges can pop the fuse in a 3-pin plug at just the right moment!!


Technical specifications

Brand Capit
Code S2V020401001F
Weight 1kg
MPN S2P020401001T