Yamaha HM Quickshifter Plus

Product code: YK
HM Plus quickshifter, the most popular and successful quickshifter in the world. Fully adjustable for sensitivity and kill time to give a perfect shift every time. No moving parts = ultra-reliability.
£396.50 (inc. VAT)

Product information

The HM Plus is possibly the world's most popular, and successful, quickshifter. Utilising strain gauge technology, no moving parts to wear or break, it is not only super-reliable but also accurate and highly responsive to give you that edge on the track or the road.

Every function and adjustment (Compression / Extension, Sensitivity and Kill Time) of the HM Plus is easily controlled from the HM LCD screen.  As with all HM quickshifters, operation is on the ignition side of the engine, not the fuel injection side like most other competitors, which produces a quicker, slicker gearshift and is far kinder to your gearbox. All HM quickshifters can operate in the push, pull or both modes to cater for road or race shift patterns.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free shiftrod worth over £10!!  Please supply actual length of your current shiftrod - no fittings or threads - and we will supply the correct size.

Technical specifications

Brand HM Quickshifter
Code YK
Weight 0.4kg